Compressed Air Filters & More

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At CPS, we offer a wide selection of compressed air systems and accessories. We’re sure to have exactly what you need for your industry, and we also provide expert installation, maintenance, and repairs for all these products and more.

Breathing Air Systems
Our air purification devices meet safe breathing air standards for respirators, masks, and hoods. Industries that involve hazardous material cleanup, grinding or welding, painting, or sandblasting all benefit from these breathing air systems.
Precision and accuracy are extremely important when using compressed air systems, and the quality of the system’s controls are vital to the overall function. We only offer the best control systems to manage air compression tasks.
A good drain is essential to the proper function of dryers, coolers, and air receivers. Our inventory includes various sizes and types of drains to fit your system. Like all our offered products, our drains are built with high-quality materials.
Compressed air dryers prevent condensation during compressed air operations. Industries that need a compressed air dryer in Boise, ID can find the right option in products we represent. They are available in both refrigerated and desiccant types, with different models to meet any type of industrial demand.
In addition to maintaining clean and stable conditions within the air compressed air system, a compressed air filter in reduces maintenance costs by removing contaminants to ensure the exiting air is clean and meets acceptable industry standards. We stock filters to match existing or updated compressed air systems.
We provide properly sized ASME coded compressed air receivers to meet your system demands.
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