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4 Signs of a Faulty Industrial Air Compressor

By In Blog On August 26, 2021

Faulty air compressors can increase electricity bills and also impact productivity. Fortunately, defective units have various signs.

Some issues are fixable after comprehensive troubleshooting, while others will call for a replacement. Routine maintenance is also essential and helps to identify problems before they escalate to costly repairs and replacements. Below are a few signs of a faulty industrial air compressor.

1. Non-Stop Operation

If your industrial air compressor will not shut off, this could be a sign that it could fail soon. The industrial air compressor knows to shut off because of a pressure switch or pressure release valve. However, if these are damaged or malfunctioning in any way, your industrial compressor will not understand when it needs to stop.

2. Excess Moisture

Have you noticed a lot of condensation or water in your compressed air system? This could indicate an issue. Water can cause rust in the system and cause controls to fail or drains to malfunction. Issues that could be the cause are a malfunctioning dryer or condensate drains.

3. Low Pressure

Air compressor pressure drops are a result of many different factors. In some cases, the drop is due to malfunctioning of the compressor controls. Others stem from saturated air filters or pipes too small to handle the air capacity.

However, if the air compressor is set to the correct pressure and has pipes big enough for the air volume, a drop may suggest an underlying issue with the system. Some cases may require an upgrade or repair.

The air compressor technician will inspect the system to determine if it suffices for the demand. If not, the system may require a compressor replacement or upgrade. For instance, if the current system uses a piston compressor, an upgrade to a screw compressor may do the trick.

4. Unexpected Shutdown

Air compressors can shut down due to various reasons, such as high temperatures or damaged electrical components. Others are too old and outdated and need a replacement. The first step should be to identify where the problem is, which is often easier said than done.

If the shutoff is due to extreme temperatures, the system should be back up once it cools down. However, if the unit does not turn on even after you blow out the coolers, it may have major issues and warrant immediate investigation.

Some systems fail because they can’t adjust to new demands, while others don’t perform to the optimum standard. As such, routine inspection and maintenance are crucial to determine when to repair or replace the unit.

5. Strange Noises

If you start hearing unusual sounds coming from your compressor, you are likely understandably concerned. Some noises can indicate an issue with the compressor. For example, a ticking air compressor might indicate a hard start-up, or a screeching or rattling noise could be electrical failure or a loose component. Any of these could be a start to a complete compressor shutdown.

However, only a professional inspection of the industrial air compressor can fully indicate the source of the issue and whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

Premium Air Compressor Services

Air compressors are bound to break down at some point, so repair and replacement services are not hard to find. Most air compressor companies also provide preventative maintenance services to help clients fix issues in their early stages.

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