6 Non-Industrial Air Compressor Uses

By In Tips On September 23, 2016

If you work in an industrial, mining, or manufacturing profession, you probably rely heavily on air compressors during the production process. However, you may be interested to find out air compressors aren’t only used in industrial applications. Read through this blog to learn how the same type of machine you have in your factory is used to accomplish other purposes.

  1. Automobile Repair & Tire Shops

Pneumatic tools greatly increase the speed of removing and replacing parts.  Tire shops use compressed air to aid in the removal of old tires, installation of new tires and filling the tires with air.  Air hoists are used to raise and lower vehicles for ease of maintenance and repair.

  1. Auto body Repair Shops

Just like in automobile repair pneumatic tools are used to aid in removal and replacement of parts.  In addition compressed air is used for sanding and grinding.

When it comes to painting the compressed air needs to be filtered and dry to avoid low quality application of the paint.

  1. Scuba Diving

Anyone exploring the depths of the ocean needs a large supply of clean, breathable air, in as small a container as possible. Lugging an enormous tank through the water can get tiring, so air compressors allow divers to fill a small tank with a large quantity of air.

The pressure of the air in the tank depends on how deeply the user plans to dive. Surface-level dives require low pressure tanks while deeper, extended dives need high pressure tanks. Because of the nature of the application, the pressure, gas make-up, and temperature of the air in the tank must be carefully calculated, making the use of air compressors to fill scuba tanks highly specialized.

  1. Hospitals

Like with scuba diving, compressed air is used in hospitals to keep individuals alive and breathing. Some diseases prevent individuals from absorbing enough oxygen into their blood stream, so their doctors use compressed oxygen to increase the flow of oxygen the patient receives. They may need only supplemental oxygen or nearly pure oxygen, but in each case the gas is delivered in a compressed state.

Compressed air and other gases can also be used to help administer medication. The gaseous medication enters the body through the respiratory system, providing a steady stream of the necessary drug.

Air compressors may also be used in various other applications in hospitals, particularly in the ventilation system. To maintain a healthy and sterile environment, hospital air must be cool, dry, and filtered regularly. In order to meet these needs, hospitals rely on a compressed air system that keeps the environment clean and the patients safe.

  1. Power Tools

It’s easy to see how certain tools like pressure washers and sandblasters would need an air compressor to function. With each device, the compressed air forces the substance (water or sand) through the nozzle at the target at a high velocity. These tools need to operate at a high pressure to fully clean off the intended surface.

You can also replace your current go-to tools, including hammers, drills, nail guns, saws, and wrenches with models that use pressurized air. The strength of the air stream makes the tools more effective and makes your job easier. People who undertake many home improvement or mechanic projects can also benefit from pressurized air tools that quickly clean off debris and residue.

  1. Machine Shops

Compressed air is used for many applications in a machine shop.  Positioning, cleaning, grinding and painting as well as for a variety of pneumatic tools.

Air compressors have many different applications across a wide variety of industries. If you’re interested in purchasing new air compressors for professional or personal use, or if your current air compressors need new parts, contact Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc.

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