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Whether you work in the mining industry, the food processing industry, or another industrial sector, you know that blowers are crucial to your business’ success. Blowers are extremely effective at moving air and gas, and are a cost-effective solution for both vacuum and pressure applications.

If you want a high-quality blower that will fit your company’s application, you’ll want to turn to Gardner Denver. And if you need a Gardner Denver blower in Elko, NV, Reno, NV, or Salt Lake City, UT, Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. is your trusted local supplier.

Why Gardner Denver Blowers?

Gardner Denver is one of the world’s leading suppliers of air and gas products. The company has supplied blowers throughout the world since 1859. Gardner Denver offers the following blowers:

  • Centrifugal: This blower offers variable flow at a constant pressure.
  • Oil-free: This blower uses alternative methods rather than oil so oil is not released in the air. This is ideal for hospitals and food manufacturing facilities.
  • Positive Displacement: This blower works by trapping air and then forcing its release.
  • Blower Packages: Built to the customer’s needs including intelligent design, quiet operation, and dependable Gardner Denver blowers.

Why Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc.?

Since 1984, we have offered blowers, compressors, and pumps to customers in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. We have established ourselves as a leader in blower sales and service.

When you turn to us for a new blower, you’re not just buying a product; you’re establishing a long-term business relationship. Not only can we help you choose the right Gardner Denver blower for your application, but we can also repair or service your blower.

Call us with any questions about Gardner Denver blowers in Reno, NV at 800-488-0154.

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