Blowers From Gardner Denver, Hoffman, Lamson

We have a Gardner Denver, Hoffman, or Lamson blower that can meet your needs.

At CPS, we understand that your industrial or mining venture couldn’t progress safely or efficiently without blowers. You may need blowers for exhaust, aeration, combustion, or even particulate transport. Or maybe, in your application, you simply need to cool a large amount of air or other gaseous substances.

Whatever the case, we have a Gardner Denver, Hoffman, or Lamson blower that can meet your needs. Contact us at our Salt Lake City, UT headquarters or our other locations. Since our founding in 1984, we have done everything we can to distribute quality equipment to our partners and peers across the Intermountain West. We carry all major brands of equipment to ensure you get the precise machinery you require.

Learn More About These Brands

Gardner Denver owns Hoffman and Lamson. No matter which of these three brands you choose, you’ll receive a reliable and durable product. After all, Gardner Denver ranks as one of the world’s leading blower manufacturers. Their products can work in virtually any application and in almost any conditions. They also proudly partner with Energy Star to bring you more efficient equipment.

You can’t go wrong with a Gardener Denver, Lamson, or Hoffman blower. Our Salt Lake City, UT location—as well as our other locations—carries the following types of blowers from this brand:

  • Centrifugal
  • Positive displacement
  • Multistage
  • Fabricated
  • High speed
  • Regenerative

If you don’t know what kind of blower you need, feel free to ask our staff when you visit or call us. Remember our products come with warranties and guarantees from the manufacturer. Each warranty varies, but we will tell you more when you contact us.

Place Your Blower Order

Whether you need a centrifugal blower for your Salt Lake City, UT project, or you simply want to browse your options within the above brands, call us at 800-488-0154. You can contact us with any questions as well.

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