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Common Industrial Fan Problems

By In Blog On November 6, 2020

Industrial fans are a critical part of many different industries, from manufacturing to mining to power production. They manage airflow to cool machinery, transport gases, and distribute air. But what do you do when your industrial fans start having problems and don’t perform as they should? Learn about common industrial fan issues that you might encounter.

Fan Failure

One of the most noticeable problems your fan can have is a complete lack of function. This could happen after hours of running, or the fan could refuse to start up properly when you first switch it on. These problems can be from continued wear and tear over time, or they could be the result of transportation damage.

When your fan doesn’t run, be careful to stay clear of the blades even while it appears to be shut off. If the fan were to begin working again, you could be severely injured. Instead, call a repair service to disconnect the power and inspect the fan. They will be able to identify if any components are the culprit of the problem or if an electrical failure has happened.

Unusual Noises

Fans are typically loud, but any deviation from their typical, even sound while running — such as increased volume, decreased volume, or unexpected sounds like banging or clashing — could signal a problem. Anything from the impeller to the belt drive to the couplings might have missing components, unstable support, or inadequate lubrication.

Fans can make a number of different sounds that might indicate different problems, so familiarize yourself with the normal sound of your fans. You will be able to identify potential problems that way. Act on suspicious noises right away. Small changes like slightly louder or quieter operational sounds aren’t a concern, but anything more noticeable could be a sign of fan failure in the near future.

Fan Overheating

Overheating is a serious problem. For the most part, it affects the function and performance of your fan and can put you in line for replacement costs, but it can also put your entire facility at risk. Overheating, if it goes far enough, could be a fire hazard. Pay attention to signs of overheating like a burnt smell or unusual heat coming from the fan.

Regular maintenance can prevent overheating. Professional technicians can spot problems early on and keep your fans from overheating before it decreases your fans’ functionality. In general, maintenance professionals can save you wondering how your fans are doing.

Persistent Vibrations

In industrial settings where machinery is running, you might not notice subtle fan issues, like vibrations that occur while the fan is on. Depending on the placement — like on the ceiling or in vents — you might not be able to feel it all. If you do, this is a sign of imbalance in the support or the fan itself. Imbalance can be the result of loose components, dirt and debris, and temperature issues.

Fans will vibrate while functioning normally, so the vibration is not necessarily the warning sign — only if the vibration is rhythmic and noticeable. This could mean that the fan doesn’t rotate evenly or that it is not properly supported.

A professional will examine your fan and calculate the imbalance while the fan isn’t functioning, for guaranteed safety, and from there, they can diagnose the cause of the issue. It could be a simple repair or more serious.

When you need repairs, replacement, or maintenance on your industrial fans, contact Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. We install, maintain, repair, and rent the industrial products you need to be efficient. Contact us if you have experienced or are experiencing any of these issues.

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