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How Vacuum Pumps Are Used Across Different Industries

By In Blog On July 7, 2020

If you work in an industrial field, you may be familiar with vacuum pumps. These pumps provide a lot of uses, and many industries — from health to automotive to mining — can benefit from this useful mechanism.

But before you limit your company to only one or two uses, learn about a few different ways many industries have used a vacuum pump.

Apply Coatings on Products

Many people have placed a screen protector on their phone before; and for some people, they accidentally trap an air bubble or two underneath the protector. Unfortunately, this same accident can happen in other situations too. For example, air bubbles can get trapped under window tints and other decorative finishes. These bubbles can create an aesthetic problem, and they can also potentially degrade the effect of the finish.

Luckily, a professional who needs to add a finish or coating to their product can use a vacuum pump to remove the layer of air between the two materials. Without that small layer of air, there’s no chance of any air bubbles getting stuck underneath. This will allow the tint, coating, or finish to adhere to the product in a seamless bond.

Remove or Replace Material

Removing air from between a finish and a product isn’t the only situation where a professional might need to suck out air or other substances from a system. The auto industry has implemented vacuum pumps on vehicles all the time. For example, a vacuum pump will suck some of the air out of a vehicle’s engine, which prevents a buildup of air pressure.

Additionally, HVAC professionals use vacuum pumps to remove substances from air conditioning units before they perform repairs and other maintenance tasks.

But vacuum pumps go beyond just removing substances; they can also replace one substance with another in a system. One notable example is during the production of light bulbs. In this process, a vacuum pump will remove the air from within the bulb and replace it with gas that protects the metal filament from burning up.

Provide Suction

As you can likely imagine, a vacuum pump is a great tool to create suction. For example, consider how useful an everyday vacuum is. This machine uses a low-pressure suction to pick up dirt and other debris from your carpet. But vacuum pumps can go beyond this simple process.

The medical industry, in particular, has taken advantage of this suction use. For instance, vacuum pumps can suck up various liquids — from water to blood to vomit. This action can prevent suffocation and infections.

Dairy farms also use vacuum pumps in their milking machines as well as other equipment to improve their overall efficiency. This allows the workers to get more work done in less time because they don’t have to attend to each task individually.

Clean and Purify Material

Vacuum pumps are able to quickly increase or decrease the pressure within a system. Because of this, a professional can use a vacuum pump to clean and purify various materials.

For example, water treatment plants can use a vacuum pump to separate the different materials and liquids, which allows the professionals to remove and treat the water as necessary. This process is also useful for mining industries to prepare materials for additional treatment. Moreover, oil refinery plants use a high-vacuum system to purify oil.

As you can see, vacuum pumps provide a lot of beneficial uses to all types of industries, and your industrial company can take advantage of this versatility too.

At Compressor Pump and Service, Inc., we provide a large range of vacuum pumps to all types of industrial companies. Whether your company needs a pump for one of the uses mentioned above, or you have another use, we can provide you with the equipment you need.

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