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Industrial Air Compressor for Your Automotive Shop: What to Know

By In Blog On April 22, 2022

If you have an automotive repair or body shop, you likely need an air compressor. Compressed air is incredibly important for many auto shops. However, a small consumer-grade air compressor will not handle even the smallest auto shop’s needs. You will need an industrial air compressor to handle most of your tools.

Discover what industrial air compressors’ benefits are and how to choose one for your shop.

Why Are Industrial Air Compressors Beneficial to Auto Shops?

You can run an auto shop without an air compressor. However, you will find some work much harder to do without one. What are some benefits an industrial air compressor can add to your business?

You Can Run Pneumatic Tools

Some tools, like air impact wrenches and paint sprayers, require a compressor. When you work on a large number of vehicles, tools like these can meet your demands better. Without these tools, you will need more muscle and time to do the same work.

You Can Inflate Tires Quickly

If you manage a fleet of cars and trucks or have a tire business, you need to inflate a lot of tires quickly. You may even need to do multiple tires at once. An industrial air compressor can reach higher pressures and handle multiple uses. An industrial air compressor is also useful for self-serve tire inflation.

You Can Use Compressed Air to Blow Away Debris

Compressed air can reach into small areas such as tight crevices and behind engines. These areas are often hard to reach with a cloth. You may find a blast of compressed air is perfect for blowing away dust and debris that could block your view of a problem.

You Can Use Compressed Air to Sandblast or Power Wash

Air compressors supply the pressure to run sandblasting tools that strip paint and grime faster than hand sanding. A sandblaster is also useful in car restoration, where you deal with a lot of rust. A power washer is an excellent way to keep the inside and outside of your shop clean.

How Does One Choose an Industrial Air Compressor?

Choose a compressor system that fits your shop and meets your demand. Discover a few things to think about when you choose a compressor.

Consider Your Tools

Look at the tools you have or will want in the future. Some need a specific amount of pressure to work properly. Base your decision on your highest pressure tool. You can use pressure control valves for the lower pressure ones.

Consider Amount of Use

You may need to have multiple air pressure tools in use at one time. Or, you may use your tools for long periods. Some compressors handle high demand and continuous use better than others.

Consider Your Space

Determine where you will put your industrial air compressor. You may have limited space or clearance. Also, you will need proper ventilation as well as room for hoses and accessories.

Consider Your Power Supply

Some industrial air compressors draw a large amount of power. Therefore, you need an electrical hookup that can handle the high demands. You may need a specialized outlet for your compressor. Talk to an electrician before you set up the compressor to see if you need an electrical upgrade.

Industrial air compressors provide many benefits for most automotive repair and body shops. Compressed air pairs well with many tools to make your work easier. Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., has different sizes of industrial air compressors available to match your needs. We can even help with maintenance and repair once you have one. Give us a call to help you find the one that helps your business.

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