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Learn the Truth Behind These 3 Portable Air Compressor Misconceptions

By In Blog On August 26, 2021

Whether you are new to industrial equipment or have never invested in portable air compressors, you might have heard or assumed some information that is likely untrue about these essential pieces of equipment. Discover the truth behind three common portable air compressor misconceptions.

1. Portable Air Compressors Are Always Smaller

As moveable equipment, portable air compressors offer an ease of mobility that stationary air compressors do not. Some people often assume that this movability translates to smaller sizes for portable air compressors to allow for easy transportation. However, this assumption is not quite correct.

While many portable air compressors are smaller than their stationary counterparts, some are not. The size of the portable air compressor often depends on the type of business or industry it needs to serve or the tasks it needs to accomplish.

For example, portable air compressors for industrial use often have storage tanks comparable to industrial stationary models. This is because portable air compressors are necessary for extensive work in the field or various parts of an industrial plant. Additionally, smaller industrial facilities might only use small stationary air compressors, as these smaller facilities do not often usually large stationary compressors.

So before you write off portable air compressors as unessential to your industrial equipment, research their various sizes. That way, you can determine what larger units might be helpful to your needs.

2. Portable Air Compressors Provide Less Power

To some people, the idea of a smaller-sized air compressor might equate to less power. However, this is often untrue based on the same reasons mentioned above.

Some portable air compressors can have less power than stationary units, but the reverse also applies. The amount of power that an air compressor, portable or stationary, provides depends on the specific model, the industry it is intended for, and the tasks it is meant to handle.

For example, a portable air compressor that needs consistent use in the field will often have a larger amount of hp (horsepower) and psi (pounds per square inch). The portable air compressor often needs to be robust, durable, and long-lasting, so it might sport elements such as a large storage tank or hose to propel the necessary air pressure or support the extra power.

Portable air compressors offer a wide range of hp and psi, so discover one that matches your needs.

3. Portable Air Compressors Are Only for Personal Use

Due to the small nature of some portable air compressors, people might assume that portable air compressors are only for personal or light commercial use. However, as air compressors come in all shapes and sizes, portable air compressors are good for industrial use too.

The key to finding a good industrial portable air compressor is to research your options. Various brands such as Sullair offer portable air compressors with larger sizes, better power options, and a variable number of wheels.

You might assume that pancake- and wheelbarrow-style portable air compressors are your only options. However, industrial portable air compressors are powerful and mobile, a great mix for any industrial facility that needs options for its air compression needs.

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