Air Compressor Services in Provo, UT

We provide air compressor, pump, and blower services in Provo, UT

If you work in Provo, UT in an industrial setting, you’ll need powerful, reliable, and precise equipment. You’ll also need a service you can trust to maintain and repair it. The solution is Compressor-Pump & Service, located close by in Salt Lake City.

Use Our Products and Services

We stock many top-notch pieces of equipment for purchase, including:

  • Industrial air compressors
  • Air system accessories
  • Blowers
  • Pumps

We offer many brands for each type of equipment, so you will always be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

We also provide rentals and services like air compressor repair. You can trust us to be there for your equipment: we offer 24-hour service either at your location in Provo, UT or at our own service center. No matter what happens, we will be there to help your business keep moving.

Trust Us to Help You

Compressor-Pump & Service has been around since 1984, which means that we have over 30 years of experience. You don’t have to worry about your air compressor or other equipment when it’s with us—we will know what it needs.

If you’re in Provo, UT and want to contact us about either buying equipment or getting it serviced, call us. You can contact our Salt Lake office at (801) 973-0154.