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Signs Your Industrial Fan Is in Trouble

By In Blog On April 25, 2019

Industrial fans are important to many operations. Unfortunately, however, even the best fans do not last forever. Sometimes, these fans run into problems and stop functioning correctly.

The key is to know the warning indicators that your fan is not working properly. That way, you can diagnose and fix the problem quickly, before it has a chance to cease your operations or cause other problems, such as damage to any units to which the fan is connected.

Rattling Impeller

One problem to be on the lookout for is an impeller that makes a rattling sound. This often happens as the impeller hits against the casing of the fan, which it does due to some problem with the fan itself.

There are many causes for a rattling impeller. These include an off-center casing, a damaged casing, a damaged or loosened impeller, loose or bent shafts, and loose or bent bearings. Even misaligned part of the fan can also cause the rattling impeller problem. 

If you notice your impeller is making this awful sound, stop using the fan until you can have it checked out to determine what is causing your problem.

Excessive Vibration

Something else to look out for is a fan that vibrates excessively. Fan vibrations can be due to many factors, but one of the most common is a misaligned shaft, so you’d do well to check for this issue first. The shaft can become misaligned with regular use over time. However, it can also be misaligned from the beginning if it is not installed properly, which means the problem will just get worse and worse as time passes. 

Misalignment can easily create problems within your fan and your system over time, which is why it’s important to correct this issue right away. You’ll usually notice it if your fan vibrates excessively, which in and of itself can cause problems.

Sinking Floor

One of the worst warning signs of a problem with your fan is when the floor below it starts sinking. Actually, this is less of a problem with your fan itself and more of an issue with the surface you’ve placed it on. However, it’s still dangerous.

If a floor or other support is not strong enough or stable enough to handle a fan’s weight, it can start to sink or give way underneath the fan. The problem may seem minor or even barely noticeable at first, but it will get worse with time and can lead to serious hazards, like causing the fan to tip over. 

Always place your industrial fan on a reinforced steel material or something else strong. Be sure the material is properly rated for the weight of the fan. And if you get any indicator that the surface is not strong enough to support the fan, fix the problem immediately to avoid major hazards. 

Squeaky Sounds

Rattling noises are not the only indication that something is wrong with your industrial fan. You should also pay close attention for squeaking sounds, especially if the squeaks are coming from the direction of the shaft seal.

Typically, when this is the case, improper lubrication is to blame. Use a safe lubricant approved for your particular fan on the shaft seal. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, then you may have a bent shaft, which will require professional attention to repair.

Industrial fans may not be perfect, but they are good at letting you know when something is wrong. Keep your eyes and ears open and get professional help for serious problems. For expert help every time, call on the pros at Compressor Pump & Service, Inc

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