Why Should You and Your Team Get Pump Training?

By In Tips On November 21, 2016

Working with a pump isn’t easy. Maintaining this heavy piece of machinery safely requires specialized equipment, including ear protection devices and gloves. It also requires everyone on your team to undergo proper training.

Without the right training, your team is more likely to make mistakes that damage parts and waste work time, not to mention losing revenue. Therefore, one of your business’s top priorities should be to ensure everyone who works with your pumps has up-to-date training. You should also make sure they know about more than how to simply switch a pump on and off. In-depth training can help you avoid disaster and work more efficiently.

Read our blog below to learn more about how compressor pump training can help and where you can turn to find crucial training resources.

What Benefits Do You Get From Thorough Training?

Most employees undergo a certain amount of training before they work on centrifugal pumps. A basic working knowledge of pumps goes a long way, but it doesn’t offer the benefits even a slightly more thorough training does.

Instead of showing your new employees how to operate your pumps safely and leaving it at that, consider offering them a more in-depth training option that covers basic maintenance, common mistakes, and the scientific principles behind centrifugal pumps.

When you offer this type of training, you can expect the following benefits.

Fewer Mistakes

Your employees who work in close contact with pumps are probably well-trained enough that they know how to avoid mistakes. However, training courses can go over some of the most common problems with compressor pumps and explain exactly how to avoid these errors or address them if they do occur.

Reduced Risk of Injury or Damage

Pumps are useful, but because their contents are under such high pressure, they’re incredibly dangerous. Consider the following documented by Trevor Kletz, a British author whose mission was to improve safety in chemical engineering plants, from the last few decades:

A centrifugal pump exploded at a chemical manufacturing plant in Tennessee when an engineer accidentally switched the pump on rather than a nearby ventilation fan. The pump ran for hours with no one noticing it was on until the built-up energy and heat caused the machinery to explode. Fortunately, no one was inside the plant during the explosion, but nearby workers reported the explosion was as loud as two trains colliding at high speeds.

Accidents like these don’t happen often-today’s pumps are fairly simple to operate as long as everyone who uses the machine knows exactly what they’re doing. However, a little extra training never hurt anyone. Quite the contrary: extra training can help you reduce the risk that an employee could make a mistake or overlook a malfunctioning piece of equipment that destroys the machine or, at worst, injures employees.

Safer, Happier, and More Knowledgeable Employees

You want your employees to feel safe and happy at work. When they have the right amount of knowledge and training to do their jobs properly, they feel much more secure as they operate potentially dangerous pieces of equipment.

Better Maintenance

At Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., we’re always happy to supply you with the products and parts you need. We also offer helpful repairs. But if your employees are well trained, they can spot maintenance issues before they become large problems that require extensive repairs. Use training and pump courses to empower your employees to take ownership of the equipment they work with every day.

What Resources Do You Have at Your Disposal?

Now that we’ve told you why proper training is more important, you probably want to know exactly how you can find the right courses for your employees. After all, you don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time or money training employees who are already quite knowledgeable, and you and your employees obviously don’t have the time to travel across the state or country to attend a training course.

Fortunately, the Internet simplifies many aspects of life-including training employees on centrifugal pumps. Training institutions like Grundfos Technical Institute offer classes on centrifugal pumps. The courses range from beginning classes on pumps’ history and basic workings to more advanced courses on the physics principles behind pumps and fluids.

The more advanced classes can be up to two hours long, but the beginning courses are between 20 minutes and an hour. Employees can complete courses using a laptop or desktop computer, but Grundfos’ courses are also mobile-friendly. Your employees can complete these courses at their own pace and on their preferred devices.

Use these tips and the webpages listed above to train your employees thoroughly, create a safer work environment, and make the most of your business’s compressor pumps. To learn more about how to maintain and work with this equipment, browse the rest of our blogs.


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