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Tips to Protect Your Industrial Pumps in Low-Temperature Operations

By In Blog On April 22, 2022

Temperature and weather directly impact the moisture that industrial pumps have to handle. As the temperatures dip down, industrial pump owners should take measures to winterize their pumps. Even though harsh temperatures can be problematic on slurry systems, you can beat the weather challenges.

Even with quality pumps whose materials are more resistant to harsh elements, harm still happens. What you need to do is protect your pump system from damage. That way, you will still maintain efficient operations and maximize productivity. Follow the tips below to keep your pumps guarded for efficient operations in cold weather.

Ensure Care and Routine Maintenance

Pumps are essential components of many industries. How well you care for your pump system affects the success of your business. Poor maintenance increases operational costs as you spend more on replacements and significant repairs.

Your pump systems can operate efficiently long into the cold season with regular care and maintenance. During such times, you need to pay extra attention to the care you give. For example, you should avoid thermal shock by gradually changing operational temperatures. Also, clear any fluids when the pump isn’t in use.

Low-temperature weather conditions predispose your pump to moisture damage since the environment is more humid. Any hidden issues can escalate, so you need to sort them early enough. Consistent inspections enable you to identify problems and fix them before worse damage happens to your system.

Examine Oil Conditions

Lubricant oil is essential for the normal performance of pump components such as bearings. In low temperatures, moisture on pump bearings turns into ice and the lubricant’s viscosity increases. As a result, fluids face resistance, friction increases, and oil flow speed reduces. You need to manage viscosity to ensure reliability. Also, high friction can cause component failure.

You should inspect the oil’s viscosity to ensure it suits the expected temperatures. In some cases, you may need to change the oil type. If so, go for an oil type with better lubrication properties. In the end, you will limit the degree of hindrance that results from low friction.

Keep Appropriate Temperatures at Startup and Shutdown

Drain your pump via the removable plug at the onset of cold weather. If you choose to shut down at ultra-cold temperatures, get rid of all moisture first. Otherwise, extreme temperature changes in the moisture will ruin some parts and cause costly system service or a significant component repair.

In addition, you can invest in a reliable heat source to warm specific components during start-up. An automatic heat kit will activate heat-ups when the temperature drops below a set limit. You can adjust the temperature setups to prevent instances of frozen water in your system. Ensure you find a suitable heat source that won’t cause damage to your pump.

Use Bigger Pipes and Protect Components From Harsh Elements

Water rapidly expands as it freezes and consequently occupies more space. The force with which the expansion takes place is huge. Small pipes may burst in the process as they can’t contain the increased pressure. On the other hand, larger pipes will provide more space to accommodate pressure and maintain a smooth flow of the expanded water.

Some components can suffer damage when they operate at subzero temperatures. You can choose to keep the entire pump indoors where it’s warmer than the outside. Alternatively, you can protect the vulnerable components. For example, wrap the pipes with tape or an electric cable.


Now that you know you can enhance smooth pump operations at low temperatures don’t hesitate to practice them. At Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., you can buy quality industrial pumps that better withstand harsh elements. We also service your extant pumps. Kindly contact us today for expert services and guaranteed value for money.

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