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Why Customized Blowers Are Essential for Mining Applications

By In Blog On April 26, 2022

If you’re in the mining sector, you’re likely fully aware of how critical process efficiency is. Whether you dig deep for rare metals or carry out surface mining for dissolved salts, having the right equipment handy will increase yield and reduce costs. Blowers and air compressors are common tools during mining to control air movement. Therefore, having the right equipment by your side will be essential.

The good news is that miners can customize their blowers to suit specific needs. Whether you want a steady flow of air during heap leaching or a more vigorous blow to transport powders, customized blowers will often come in handy. In addition, customization allows you to select features that optimize mining yields. For example, automated controls and custom blower packages are suitable for highly specialized mining applications.

Discover reasons why you should invest in customized blowers during your mining workflows.

They Optimize the Smelting Process

Blowers are often used in combination with compressed air to facilitate smelting. During this process, controlled air movement influences metal extraction from its original ore. More specifically, you can use blasts of air to vary surrounding temperatures and control oxidation. Increasing the oxidation rate in surrounding metal alloys will result in less wastage of your target material.

A custom blower is very useful during the smelting process. With customization, you can install a centrifugal blower mechanism with a variable flow rate, even in constant pressure settings. This feature allows you to optimize smelting conditions and get as much yield from your original ore as possible.

They Transport Finely Grounded Materials

If your mining process involves transporting finely grounded particles such as salts, coal powder, or zinc dust, a customized blower can significantly reduce wastage. You can position your blowers on higher ground to deliver controlled blasts of air and facilitate the unidirectional movement of particles. This clever tactic provides room for scalability without affecting product yield.

Furthermore, your blower will directly determine how efficient the process is. Another smart strategy is to use powerful blowers as conveyor belts on your mining site. If you position your blower correctly, the air released will propel tiny particles in the direction you choose.

Custom blowers, equipped with positive displacement features, are particularly useful for transportation on mining sites. These machines trap air and release it towards a target location. You can also adjust the capacity and directionality of your blower to meet your mineral transportation needs.

They Help Maintain Proper Ventilation

Customized blowers can also increase ventilation in tight mining spaces. If you work in underground tunnels with dust or humid air, customized blowers can maintain proper airflow. Some mining sites also use high-capacity blowers to redirect harmful gases such as methane, sulfides, and carbon dioxide away from mining tunnels.

Thanks to customization, you can fit your blower with a motor, bearings, and cooling wheels that maintain fresh airflow.

They Come With Programmable Controls

Because adjusting airflow is critical during mining, consider using tools that leverage programmable controls. Programmable controls may be as simple as setting a timed dial on your blower to deliver air at a specific pressure. But if you want better yields, consider blowers equipped with smart sensors.

You can control smart blowers remotely using mobile applications or tablets. After installation, you can adjust performance metrics in real time to suit the needs of your mining process. Another benefit of smart blowers is that you can detect changes in performance and schedule maintenance before the equipment breaks down.

Blowers are essential pieces of equipment for any mining site. If you want a customized blower that will fit your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. We develop customized blower packages and accessories to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

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