Oil Free Air Solutions

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Oil free Air Solutions

Since 1984, Compressor-Pump & Service specializes in the sales and service of industrial air compressors. With advanced knowledge of compressor service and solutions, we're a complete resource for our customers.

Now, as a division of Hitachi Global Air Power U.S. LLC, a manufacturer of Sullair brand products, CPS offers advanced Hitachi engineering with legendary Sullair durability and reliability for an even better oil free experience.

From audit, to design, to installation, we’ve got you covered.

Sullair oil free compressor products Sullair oil free compressor products

Oil Free, For All

Explore our oil free solutions:

SRL scroll compressor SRL scroll compressor

SRL series

Scroll | Quiet operation | Small footprint

Common applications:
Food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, HVAC, and more.

Flow: 5.7-129.3 cfm
Pressure: 120-145 psi(8.3-10 bar)
Power: 2-44 hp(1.5-33kW)

DSP Series DSP Series

DSP Series

Rotary screw | High efficiency | Reliable and durable

Common applications:
General manufacturing, food and beverage, construction, and more.

Flow: 117-1303 cfm
Pressure: 125 psi(8.6 bar)
Power: 30-300 hp(22-240kW)

DS Series DS Series

DS Series

Rotary Screw | High efficiency | Reliable and durable

Common applications:
Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and more.

Flow: 222-483 cfm
Pressure: 100-150 psi(7-10.3 bar)
Power: 60-100hp(45-75kW)



Class 0 Oil Free Air vs. "Technically Oil Free"

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) qualifies oil free air compressors in classes depending on the contaminants they allow.

Class 1 is known as "Technically Oil Free." These compressors utilize inline filtration to capture oil, but are less effective in high temperatures. Class 0 compressors do not require inline filtration and are much more stable, with the lowest risk of contamination

Compressor-Pump & Service is proud to offer oil free compressors that are Certified Class 0.


Air ends are the heart of the air compressor, and designed with an ideal speed range to deliver the highest efficiency and performance. If you are not operating in the ideal speed range, you may experience premature air end failure or even your machine shutting down in the midst of production.

Sullair oil free air compressors are designed to operate in optimum efficiency range. This results in effective production and economical ownership, as your compressor is matching capacity to demand and avoiding shutdowns and maintenance.


Now, more than ever, various industries and consumers are calling for cleaner operations. And when the need for oil free air spans across so many facilities, you need a solution that is universal.

Compressor-Pump & Service is proud to offer oil free air compressors that are built on over 100 combined years of innovation, quality, and performance to help you achieve cleaner air in any industry.

Food & Beverage

Air purity is especially critical in the food and beverage industry because the products coming into contact with the air could impact the health and safety of the consumer. By removing oil from the process, you can promise quality results.


Compressed air comes into close contact during tablet manufacturing, cleaning and drying, transporting products, packaging, and more. Pure air is crucial in protecting the quality of products and the safety of consumers.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Compressed air is used in drying and cooling computer chips, as well as making circuit boards. Zero-contaminant clean rooms are necessary in these processes, as any oil could potentially ruin these expensive products.

Craft Brewing

Clean air plays an important role in cleaning and canning craft beers in microbreweries across the country. With oil free air compressors pushing fluids and aerating yeast, your favorite beverage can remain crisp and pure.

Glass Making

The glass industry requires clean air to power the instruments and facilities that melt, shape, and harden both flat and container glass. Oil free air is used to address both the high temperatures and the need for clean products.

And More...

Various industries now call for clean air, including automotive painting, textiles, plastics and even the testing of aircraft parts. Whatever your oil free needs may entail, you can trust AIR to supply the solution to keep your business running.

Food manufacturer Food manufacturer

Oil Free Compressors Help Avoid:

  • Endangering the health and safety of customers
  • Equipment damage
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Unforeseen financial costs
  • Harm to brand reputation​​​​​
Beverage oil free Beverage oil free

 ❝ When transporting sugar, if there is any moisture it's an immediate clog. A clog means downtime, making reliable air is a critical component of the business.❞

   - F&B Customer

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What Compressor-Pump & Service can do for you


No matter your industry, we offer leading brands of industrial or portable air compressors, pumps, blowers, and fans to satisfy your industry’s specifications. Along with major equipment, CPS carries ancillary accessories to complete your system and aftermarket parts and fluids to keep your productivity flowing for years to come.

Preventative maintenance

Our highly trained technicians are experts in the installation, maintenance, and repair of air compressors and related equipment. Whatever the problem, we’ll find it, fix it, and prevent it from happening again.

24/7 emergency repair

No matter the make or model, you can count on our 24/7 emergency service to keep your compressed air, pump, and blower system working. We are equipped with a fleet of rental compressed air components to provide support—and uptime—when you need it most.


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