Oil Free Air Compressors

Oil Free Air Compressors

Sullair Industrial Oil Free Air Compressors assortment Sullair Industrial Oil Free Air Compressors assortment

From pharmaceutical, food and beverage and life sciences to packaging, automotive and electronics and many industries in between, a reliable source of oil free compressed air is vital. CPS offers Sullair compressors to meet stringent air quality requirements.

Power:  2 – 30,000 hp
Delivery:  3.4 – 118,000 cfm
Pressure:  15 – 725 psi

Using oil free compressors can help protect you from:

  • Ruined or contaminated product
  • Fouled downstream equipment
  • Unplanned downtime and financial costs
  • Endangering customer health and safety

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SRL16.5 oil free scroll air compressor SRL16.5 oil free scroll air compressor

Sullair SRL Series

2 – 44 hp

SRL Series compressors have built-in logic to help maximize the compressor’s efficiency, saving wear and tear on the compressor, and also providing energy savings — which saves you money!

Power:  2 – 44 hp
Delivery:  5.7 – 129.3 cfm
Pressure:  110, 122, 145 psi
  • Certified Class 0 Oil Free Air
  • SRL exclusive scroll and pump design
  • Single phase and three phase options available
  • Quiet scroll technology—sound levels as low as 48 dBA
  • Normal maintenance can be done without disassembling pump
DSP90 rotary screw oil free air compressor DSP90 rotary screw oil free air compressor

Sullair DSP Series

30 – 300 hp

The DSP Series brings advanced oil free operations right where it is needed: your facility! Built on Hitachi engineering, the DSP is designed to supply oil free air reliably and efficiently— today and tomorrow.

Power:  30 – 300 hp
Delivery:  117 – 1303 cfm
Pressure:  125 psi
  • Certified Class 0 Oil Free Air
  • Patented PTFE-free rotor coating robotically applied, designed for long life
  • Patented oil mist remover to recapture gearcase oil mists
  • Motorized isolation valve — automatically closes compressed air discharge to prevent condensate backflow
  • Optional Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
Sullair DS-13 rotary screw oil free air compressor Sullair DS-13 rotary screw oil free air compressor

Sullair DS-13

100 – 200 hp

The Sullair DS-13 oil free compressors have a proven track record of reliability and quality oil free air delivery for the most critical processes across a variety of industries.

Power:  100 – 200 hp
Delivery:  427 – 801 cfm
Pressure:  100, 125, 150 psi
  • Class 0 oil free air
  • Efficient two-stage compression
  • PTFE-based food-grade coating on rotors and stators inhibits corrosion and minimizes clearances
  • Air-buffered seals protect against migration of lubricating oils into the compressor chamber
  • Optional NEMA 12 with Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
TRX oil free centrifugal air compressor TRX oil free centrifugal air compressor

Sullair T-series

175 – 2300 hp

Sullair T-Series oil free centrifugal air compressors incorporate a streamlined design, reducimg the potential for mechanical loss and simplifying maintenance and operation.  

Power: 175 – 2300 hp
Delivery: 550 – 11,750 cfm
Pressure:  20 to 230 psi
  • Certified Class 0 Oil Free Air
  • High-powered titanium impellers to provide additional strength while resisting corrosion (TRX models use stainless steel impellers)
  • Standard Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) guides gas flow direction, saving up to 9% power consumption when not in full load operation
  • Robust gear box with integrated coolers
  • Advanced PLC control system
f-series oil free centrifugal air compressor f-series oil free centrifugal air compressor

Sullair f-series

1340 – 30,000 hp

The Sullair f-series are high performance, custom designed centrifugal compressors. Available packaged or non-packaged, their flexibility matches power, pressure and other features to your specific needs.

Power:  1340 – 30,000 hp
Delivery:  1200 – 118,000 cfm
Pressure:  15 to 725 psi
  • Certified Class 0 Oil Free Air
  • High-performance and custom designed to meet your specific needs
  • From single-stage to four stages
  • Highly efficient design to reduce energy usage
  • Horizontal split design gearbox allowing easy access to all moving parts and simplifying maintenance

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24/7 emergency repair

No matter the make or model, you can count on our 24/7 emergency service to keep your compressed air, pump, and blower system working. We are equipped with a fleet of rental compressed air components to provide support—and uptime—when you need it most.

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